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Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Special Edition (CD/DVD)
Kiss Me Once Special Edition (CD/DVD)
Kylie Minogue
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"Kiss Me Once" CD/DVD with 2 bonus audio tracks and 5 video tracks.

Tracklisting as follows:

Deluxe Album (CD/DVD)

1. Into The Blue

2. Million Miles

3. I Was Gonna Cancel

4. Sexy Love

5. Sexercize

6. Feels So Good

7. If Only

8. Les Sex

9. Kiss Me Once



12.Mr President (bonus track)

13.Sleeping With The Enemy (bonus track)


1. Into The Blue (official video)

2. Making of "Into The Blue" video 

3. Into the Blue trailer

4. Behind the scenes of Kiss Me Once photo shoot

5. Kylie on Kiss Me Once

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